Ph.D. students:

Song Changyue
University Of Wisconsin-Madison (Started Fall 2015)
Office: ME 3221
Areas of Interest:
statistical modeling, machine learning, operations research

Minhee Kim
University Of Wisconsin-Madison (Started Fall 2017)
Office: ME 3221
Areas of Interest:
Statistical Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Honghan Ye
University Of Wisconsin-Madison (Started Spring 2018)
Office: ME 3221
Areas of Interest:
Opportunistic maintenance, statistical analysis

Ziqian Zheng
University Of Wisconsin-Madison (Started Fall 2019)
Office: ME 3221
Areas of Interest:
Statistical Modeling, reinforcement learning

Master students:

  • Guangda Shi (independent study, 2015)
  • Qi Chen (independent study, 2015)
  • Quan Chen (independent study, 2015)
  • Swaminathan Ramesh-Sashi (independent study, 2016)
  • Sommer Ahmad (independent study, 2016)
  • Suraj Subhash Thatte (independent study, 2016)
  • Ting Lei (independent study, 2016)
  • Nam Young Kim (2017 spring independent study)
  • Scott Bonk (Research assistant, 2016-2017; Current position: Business Analyst at Belvedere Trading LLC down)
  • Wenjun Zhu (2018 spring independent study; continued her Ph.D. study in ISyE department at UW-Madison in 2018 fall)
  • Congfei Zhang (2018 fall independent study)

Undergraduate students:

  • Bingjie Liu (summer research study, 2014; joined IOE Ph.D. program at University of Michigan)
  • Jiamin Chen (funded by NSF REU, 2015; joined master program in Operations Research at Columbia University)
  • Alyssa Krueger (funded by NSF REU, 2015)
  • Claire Stamborski (funded by NSF REU, 2016)
  • Scott Bonk (funded by NSF REU, 2016; joined the ISyE graduate program at UW-Madison)
  • Yingxin Jia (undergraduate research assistant, 2019)

Visiting Scholars and Students:

  • Di Wang, Peking University, 9/2018-11/2019
  • Dr. Xi Zhang, Peking University, 7/2018 - 11/2018
  • Dr. Xi Wang, Beijing Jiaotong University, 12/2017 - 12/2018
  • Yue Liu, Zhejiang University, 9/2017-9/2018
  • Andy Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 12/2015-5/2016
  • Dr. Baiyong Men, Acoustic Well Logging Lab, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 12/2014 - 12/2015

Ph.D. Graduates:

  • Abdallah Chehade (graduated in summer 2017). Thesis: Data-Driven Approaches for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analytics. Current position: Assistant professor, department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Xiaochen Xian (graduated in summer 2019). Thesis: Big Data Modeling and Monitoring in Complex Systems. Current position: Assistant professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida

Lab Openings:

    My lab has opennings for Ph.D. students. Students from top universities with background in statistics, computer science and engineering are encouraged to apply. If you are interested, please send your information (e.g. resume, transcripts, and TOEFL/GRE scores) to Accepted Ph.D. students will be provided with full financial support.